I was looking “upstream,” for hints at what the weather will be like downstream, here in New Hampshire, after our Thanksgiving snowstorm, and I came across this Dr. Ryan Maue map at the Weatherbell site. It is an anomaly map, showing if temperatures are above or below normal, and shows the conditions 90 hours from now, on Saturday.

The map shows it will be a little below normal round here, in the fading north winds after our Thanksgiving storm, but then I look northwest to western Canada…

Yikes!  That light purple is temperatures more than 50 degrees below normal, Fahrenheit. In actual fact the coldest spots are off the color-code key to the right of the map, which only goes as low as 50 below normal.  If you look at the small writing at the upper right, you see the lowest is actually -63.6 of normal.  Double Yikes! (Click maps, or open-to-new-tab, to clarify and enlarge.)

Calgary cold Nov 25 gfs_t2m_anomf_noram_16

In terms of actual temperatures, it looks like the core of that cold will touch -50, but Calgary may be to the edge and “only” get to -23. (-31 Celsius.)

Calgary cold Nov 25 gfs_t2m_noram_31


They can keep that stuff up there, as far I’m concerned. For heaven’s sake! It isn’t even December yet!

My hope is that the cold clashes with the above normal air to the south, and brews up a big west-coast gale. Some models are showing California getting some needed rain as a storm hits them at the end of the weekend. If that storm would only suck in the cold, and swirl it around with Pacific air, it would be much milder when it came east.


  1. They have already pulled that -30 C stuff out of the local forecast and our lows are now to be in the more bearable -22 to -24 C range. Hanging in at freezing currently with the odd pre storm flake flying about but mostly some weak sunlight peeking through the clouds. Feels like snow and the humidity must be very high.

    • Looks like you’ve now (Wednesday) got a low of -29 C (-20 F) forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Looks like you’ll be on the colder and drier side of a front, as you only get flurries, but Fernie gets a foot, after being above freezing with rain tomorrow, and then plunging to -32 C on Sunday morning.

      (Thanks again for the link you sent to “The Weather Network”. )

      Here it is snowing to beat the band. We’ll likely have a foot to clean up by tomorrow morning. It will help people work up an appetite for the gluttony involved in the holiday Thanksgiving.

      • Have a great thanksgiving and indeed they have put the – 30 stuff back in the forecast 😦 … that is just too cold for enjoying what fun winter offers. Only good for the outdoor rink and skating pond freeze ups but too cold to enjoy skating.
        Be good.

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