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Yesterday was a raw day, with a cold front slowly pushing through.  It remained dry enough in the morning to get around of a third of a day of work in before the rains came.  Although some of the moisture ahead of the front was from a feed off the Pacific, from Baja California and the remains of tropical storm Vance, there was nothing warm about the rain. People coming down from the White Mountains said it was snowing up there.

A rush sweeps over the people who work outside, this time of year. It is a last chance to get a wide variety of tasks, from roofing to cutting and stacking firewood to leaf-raking, done before the outdoors shuts down.

It doesn’t actually shut down, but  the cover of snow makes everything far more difficult. I actually prefer autumns where people worry we won’t get snow for Christmas.  This doesn’t feel like it will be one of those years. Others seem to feel the same way. A now-or-never attitude lights the eyes of the men who work outside, and when the cold rain began falling yesterday, and some jobs had to halt, The bosses sagged slightly. Their workers, on the other hand, smiled, as they have had few breaks this week.

I have a lot I should be doing, but am feeling old and slow. I seem to work in slow motion, compared to the way I remember working.  I keep reminding myself of the fable of the tortoise and the hare, “slow but steady wins the race,” however to be honest I was always more of a hare than a tortoise.

If you see many posts at this site over the next week, you will know the hare is loafing, as the tortoise of winter comes creeping up to pass me.


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