20141102 satsfc

The first low has passed, carrying its rains away to the northeast, and now the second low is coming up the coast, rapidly strengthening and becoming the boss. While the first low didn’t give us much wind, the winds are now picking up. While the radar was showing the rain sliding out to sea, it now shows the edge of the rain moving back west.

20141102 rad_ne_640x480

As this rain edges west it is running into cold air draining south, and turning to snow. It likely will not get far enough west to give me more than a dusting, but along the coast they could get a bit of a shock this morning. Joe Bastardi is already up, over at the Weatherbell site, and he posts this GFS computer prediction of snow totals:

20141102 gfs_6hr_snow_acc_boston_9

I’m located along the southern border of New Hampshire, where the dark grays grow lighter, indicating less than an inch of snow, but just south of Boston it looks like they could get seven inches, where the blues grow purple. They can keep it.

My body is telling me it is 6:30, but the clock has been set back an hour, and states it is 5:30 AM. I suppose the politicians feel a sense of power, and that they control time, but my rooster thinks little of them. He looks east for the dawn, but sees nothing but a nor’easter’s darkness. Therefore he yawns, and catches some extra shut-eye.

Up in the heights the white pines are roaring
As here in the valley I wish I was snoring.
I’m given an extra hour to sleep
But my mind saw the ceiling and couldn’t count sheep.
I’m up and alert, but all I can see
Is that even my rooster is smarter than me.


  1. You deal with young kids all the time and so I think you will appreciate this. Years ago at preschool my son had an assignment to identify the animals and he said the rooster was called a cock-a-loo … the teacher thought about it gave him that one to him saying that it makes sense that the one that does a cock-a-dodool-d-do (how the heck do u spell that one 😉 has that name.
    Roosters are still cock-a-loos around our house!
    Winter wonderland in Calgary but I’m to the west in the mountains and still just rain and 2 C in the valley with the snow line about 250 metres / 800 feet higher up and then all white above that.

    • Kids are poets, and able to come up with wonderful ways of describing things. Rather than saying a truck was “backing up,” my middle son would say it was “beeping up,” due to the beeping alarms OSHA insisted all trucks have.

      One of my favorite expressions came from my little sister years ago. Looking up at the contrail a jet was leaving across a pure blue sky, she called it a “sky scraper,” because she assumed the jet was scraping the blue off the sky. When I asked her why the contrail faded away, she explained the sky healed itself, in the same way her knee healed when it was scraped.

      It was interesting that the nor’easter that charged by us here on Sunday had “Ana” in its moisture.

      It is starting to look like a lot of very cold air will be charging south, east of the Rockies, this winter. I imagine you’ll sit right on the edge of it all, with the worst sometimes to your east, but sometimes backing west and freezing your socks off. Enjoy your front row seat.

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