20141101 satsfc


The maps shows the storm has devided its energy. The southern one holds the memory of Ana, and might amount to something.  They are having some excitement down south. Roy Spencer reported, “Columbia, SC has just experienced their earliest snow in 125 years of weather records, beating the Nov. 9, 1913 earliest snow record by 8 days.”

On his excellent blog at Weatherbell Joe D’Aleo posted this Maue-Map of the snow they are getting down there.

Snow down south Nov 1 hires_snow_acc_nc_7


Up here the northern low swung the winds to the north, as clouds came in from the east and a miserable, chilling rain began.  The raindrops were around 39 degrees, and even with the winds fairly light it made even taking the trash to the dump an exercise in misery.

What is the use of a day gone purple?
A melancholy daybreak creased the colorless sky
With a hint of hope in lighter lines and lack of rain
And rustling leaves, but then the light grew darker
As somewhere else in theory the sun was triumphing.

Soon the rain came slouching up and autumn leaves
Stopped rustling. The rain drove my goats beneath the barn
To spend a day malingering with soft, accusing eyes,
And I decided they were right and headed home
To do my own malingering inside.

Once I was young and blood was hot and I’d cut wood
On days like this. Now my hands turn blue and it just isn’t
Good for me when rain feels colder than snow,
And searches down my collar for a shudder up my spine.
What good is a man gone purple?

(The poem ends there. I add this wink:
They’re good for poetry, I think.)

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