I’m Back

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I finished my cross-country jaunt last Saturday, but when I sat down at my desk to resume my blogging I discovered I had no desire to continue doing what I’d been doing. Basically it seems useless to respond to a government which bases so much on sheer deceit. Thinkers and scientists far more skilled than I have been demonstrating, and continue to demonstrate,  the false nature of ideas such as the “Arctic Death Spiral,” but the government seemingly doesn’t care if its claims are based of a foundation of fraud.

Any sort of engineering, including social engineering, which is based on incorrect numbers and ideas cannot stand firm.  It is bound to come crashing down. The ends never justify the means, for false means engineer a bad end.

At this point I am unsure how to respond to this discouraging revelation. It occurs to me I might as well document the disaster I foresee, as it happens, and describe how the people of a small town respond to a government which has, to all extents and purposes, gone mad.

A very warm air mass, hot and humid and 30 degrees above normal for October, is being swept out to see by a cleansing cold front this morning. There is general feeling, among people in town, that it would be good if the coming election swept the corruption from power, down in Washington DC, but also that there is a great danger of election fraud.  During the last election it is estimated 100,000 people came north from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to cast false votes.  This demonstrates how acceptable it is, in the minds of some, to cheat.  Any society that accepts falseness to that degree is cruising for bruising.  When it hammers its own thumb, it has no one to blame but itself.



2 thoughts on “I’m Back

    • It is indeed tragic, for it leads to so much unhappiness in the long run.

      However the thing about Truth is that it remains True even if every mortal soul on earth denies it. It owns power which cannot be touched by those who imagine deceit gains power. It is, in fact, an Almighty reality, and those that think they can trick, twist, and torture Truth are fools, poking at a lion.

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