—Teacher suffers case of cold feet during field trip to Pole?—

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Considering we have been told that “Our children are not going to know what snow looks like” and, “The North Pole is in a death spiral,” it seems humorous that as Americans fret themselves into a tizzy the Russians calmly fly “children,” (likely teenagers) up to the Pole by jet, and show them the wonders of that world.  This year the expedition of young explorers was battered by two blizzards.

It is hard to grasp the entire situation through translations, but apparently the Russians have been bringing groups of children up to the Pole for several years. This year, perhaps due to the storms, the adult supervising the “children”  became anxious about shortages.  As this person was “tweeting” his concerns on his twitter account, the concerns drew attention and many became concerned.

The first hint things were not unfolding entirely smoothly occurred when the Japanese figure skater was up  there.  I noticed an odd comment in the (translated) April 15 report:  “But the film crew arrived with Miki, size “mini” seemed insufficient, and they were asked to increase the area. As a result, the children did not have enough hot water, because of its limited reserves to Borneo.” (Miki needed a larger skating rink.)

I thought to myself, “Children? What the heck?”

On April 19 I read this:  
In the evening, the expedition leader, Borneo 2014 Alexander Orlov who is in Longyearbyen, called from Moscow AN Chilingarov He reported that the North Pole from the group Matthew Shparo that comes with 7 teenagers and Pavel Astakhov route “last degree”, I received a call that the group is in danger – in blizzard conditions they run out of fuel, and of the products was only a meal. It was very surprising, because the base Barneo expedition leader Victor Serov ezhevecherne keeps in touch with all groups on the route. From anyone today no complaints. Nevertheless, having received from the Special Representative of the President of the Arctic and Antarctic mission to evacuate from the pole in distress children, Victor Serov was ready to lift helicopters. As a result of telephone conversations with youth expedition leader Dmitry Shparo revealed that a group of children already at the North Pole, all healthy and happy, is currently busy baking Easter cakes, they have enough food, fuel for heating tents too. Also located at the next hummock group Bengt Rotmo, which also sleeps on pole ahead of tomorrow helicopter. Nothing critical happens, so Dmitry Shparo apologized for the false information that someone gave to the mainland, asked not to worry, but to wait for tomorrow PLANNED evacuation adolescents with pole. He personally fly to take a group of journalists. Thank God that the situation is resolved in such a way – like the false “heroism” in the Arctic could lead to serious consequences. 

I said to myself, “Hmm. What in the world is going on?”

On April 20 I read: Just as directed by the Special Representative of the RF President Chilingarova AN was evacuated from the North Pole youth team Matvey Shparo. Children and their accompanying adults are already delivered to Borneo.This happened in spite of the original scenario – Head Dmitry Shparo had to fly them to the North Pole with a group of journalists. Yesterday we reported that Dmitry and Matvey Shparo not see the need for emergency rescue flight. But team member Pavel Astakhov different opinion – he continues to Twitter to insist that there is no product, no fuel and therefore need urgent evacuation. Now children are based, warm and well-fed. I must say that the first six expeditions conducted by Dmitry and Matvey Shparo showed their professionalism in working with children in the Arctic, and to believe that they have not calculated the amount of food and fuel is in this expedition possible. 

And on April 21 I read: In the morning, we received information that the board FSB expedition leader Dmitry Shparo and journalists flew from Murmansk Murmansk-Nagurskoe Barneo to finally take home a group of young explorers. Due to bad weather in Nagurskaya plane was delayed from leaving for a day (or slightly more), but now everything behind – after lunch guys departed from the base Barneo to the mainland. Actually, the annual youth expedition never stops for the night in our tents, do not use our An-74. They need only runway that could make a landing plane FSB and helicopters to get to the starting point and then come back. In the same year due to inadequate behavior of the Arctic member of their team Ombudsman for Children Mr. Astakhov went awry – the mainland came from him distorted information from the route, which is why the guys had to be evacuated and place for an overnight stay in the wardroom base. But every cloud has a silver lining – now they can tell the guys from previous expeditions (just 7 seasons Shparo raised almost 50 young explorers), lives and works as a base Barneo. Since today is the last day of the camp, and the team began to dismantle the housing units, the guys had a weighty assistance in dismantling tents – extra hands on the ice does not happen! I thank them very much for your help! 

Obviously there is a good story here. I would like to hear the “Ombudsman’s” and “Pavel Astakhov’s” version of what happened.

As a childcare provider, at a place that focuses on the outdoors, I occasionally run into situations where parents are extremely anxious about children being outside in cold weather. (The kids complain less than the parents.)

I can only imagine what you run into when you take the kids to the North Pole.

(You can read translations of the somewhat amazing activities at the Russian landing-strip at the Pole at:

And my earlier post about this partly-scientific and partly-jet-setter-nature-walk camp is here: )


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