People who follow this site are aware how mobile sea-ice is, however I have a strong feeling most ordinary people have better things to do than watch ice drift around the North Pole. Therefore they can be excused if they entertain the false idea ice is frozen, stable, and motionless. How are they to know the ice by the north Pole in April may float ashore 1600 miles away in Iceland nine months later?

The media seems to fuel the ignorance, likely because few reporters bother to research the arctic as we do.  Most articles discuss the North Pole as if it were a fixed mass of ice, shrinking due to Global Warming.  Only in the past few years has the concept of “multiyear-ice” appeared in print, and I’ve never seen it mentioned in the media that multiyear ice only collects north of the Canadian Arctic Islands and Greenland, having drifted from far parts of the Pole. The impression the media gives is of a stagnant sea, rather than a highly mobile ocean.

Perhaps this explains the mistakes made by the people in charge of the Akademik Shokalskiy, who had their “ship of fools” trapped by highly mobile sea ice during the Antarctic summer, over Christmas.  An excellent (20-20 hindsight) look at the fiasco can be seen here, (and teaches a lot about sea-ice, and our capacity to look at it with modern satellites, as well:)




  1. The multi year ice being lost story, like disappearing polar bears and Greenland melting, is not based on the idea of informing people. Those stories are based on deceiving people into accepting the policy demands of small groups.

    • Yes, the increasing multi-year-ice is currently a story being ignored and swept under the rug. I think some hope it will just go away, before they have to admit it is there. Point it out whenever you can. Word does get around, especially on the web.

      People who intentionally deceive are just asking for trouble. (I am not referring to the sheeple who only want to look politically correct, and never think all that deeply. They will verge east when it is cool to verge east, and abruptly back west when that is cool.) I am referring to those who know they are lying.

      I did some deceiving when I was younger. Lied to teachers and girl-friends and bosses and so on and so forth. I had the good fortune to always get caught, and wind up looking like a jerk with egg all over my face. Honesty is always the best policy, though the people who lie always have their justifications, usually saying the “other side” will not understand, or the “other side” is a Gestapo that will retaliate. Now my motto is, “Stand by the Truth and the Truth will stand by you.” I don’t even like to be part of a surprise birthday party, because of the deceit involved.

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