Cache of historical Arctic sea ice maps discovered

Although this article is from May, 2012, I think the old maps are important data, which are willfully ignored or altered by people attempting to show that current low levels of arctic ice are a reason to increase taxes and take away rights.

Watts Up With That?

Arctic Sea ice data collected by DMI 1893-1961

Guest post by Frank Lansner

I came across a number of maps showing Arctic ice extend from 1893 to 1961 collected by DMI in “Nautisk Meteorologisk Aarbog”. Each year DMI have collected information on sea ice extend so that normally each of the months April, May, June, July and August ice extend was published.

There is much more to be said about these, but this is my summary for now.

Fig 1. 1901-1910 Arctic sea ice data collected by DMI. Click to enlarge!

Sadly, just for a few years we also have March or September available, and thus we normally can’t read the Arctic ice minimum (medio September) from these maps. The August trends will have the main focus in this writing.

First of all I would like to thank “Brunnur” in Iceland for making these maps available on the net beautifully…

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2 thoughts on “Cache of historical Arctic sea ice maps discovered

    • That is another good link. It would take some serious time to put together the tidbits of evidence to a factual map, but well worth it to those who really want to study how the arctic ice expands and contracts.

      What really troubles me is the evidence that some do not do their best to create a factual map, but only use part of the data to create what they want to see. I suppose we all want to see our pet theory proven true, and are on the look-out for evidence that supports our views, however such bias is only human nature, and we should and can get over it. Furthermore, we’d know damn well we were doing it if we threw away actual old maps, or record books. Then we would know, looking in the mirror, that we were not representing the Truth.

      I was very troubled when I saw signs some wanted to “erase the MWP,” and I’ve seen signs something similar has happened concerning times even in the past hundred years when sea-ice levels were low. To put it simply, “erasing” is not allowed, in science, and should not be acceptable even when it is called “adjusting.”

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