Hurricane Warning; McKibben Alert

I wrote this essay a year ago. It applies as much today as it did back then. No one seems wiser, and in fact the reaction to non-hurricane Sandy was just what this essay predicted. It likely will happen again, with the next hurricane. If that hurricane is as bad as the “1938 Hurricane,” it will just be what has happened before, however it will be spun as caused-by-carbon.

Watts Up With That?

With Joe Bastardi stating an opening for an east coast hurricane is possible the next three weeks, it might be timely to submit this semi-humorous look at the dangers of an east coast hurricane versus the dangers of heeding Bill McKibben’s Alarmism, from the view of a writer criticizing a writer, rather than a scientist criticizing a scientist.

Guest post by Caleb Shaw

I would like to venture two predictions which I believe have a, (as they say,) “high degree of probability” of proving true.

The first is that a terrible hurricane, as bad as the ferocious 1938 “Long Island Express,” will roar north and bisect New England. True, it might not happen for over a hundred years, but it also might happen this September. The fact is, 1938 showed us what could happen. 1938 set the precedent.

My second prediction is that if such a storm happens this September…

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4 thoughts on “Hurricane Warning; McKibben Alert

    • Thanks for taking the time to write such a long response. Now I have to find the time to sit down and read it.

      It may take me a while. With the school year just starting, our Childcare has a lot of new children who are a bit freaked out that their parents dumped them off at a strange place. Also some schools start before Labor Day and some after, so we briefly still have children on vacation with children who have started school, which makes for chaos.

      However I hope to soon give your response all the attention it deserves.

      • No problem. There’s real life and there’s “blog-life”.
        Thanks for the opportunity to say all that.

      • Since it may be awhile before you respond, if you choose to do so, perhaps you could send me an email when you do?

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