July UAH Satellite Temperatures Show .13 Degree Drop Worldwide


(click to enlarge)

I personally don’t usually notice when the temperatures drop a tenth of a degree. The only time it matters is when it the difference between frost and no-frost on my tomatoes. However a midst the debate about Global Warming, it does make a difference to many, so we can expect this down-tick to be noted by Skeptics, and to either be excused or completely ignored by Alarmists.  The opposite would be true if it was an up-tick of a tenth of a degree, the only difference being that Skeptics tend to excuse more and ignore less, and, in my humble opinion, to have superior excuses.

The simple fact of the matter is that temperatures world wide are at the same level they were when James Hansen testified before Congress that they would sharply rise.  A quarter century has passed, he has retired rich, with a fat government pension, and nothing he prophesied came to pass.

Sounds like good work, if you can find it.

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