Nighttime heat waves on the increase in Pacific NW

This is a reblog of a Watts Up With That post about a study that finds airports are warmer in the pacific Northwest than they used to be.

I am a poet and not a scientist, and there are times I should be quiet, because I got bad grades in Math. However when I glanced over the study I couldn’t see any sign they recognized the fact, (not all that scientific, and indeed something even a History major could notice,) that in the old days airports were full of prop-driven planes, which were replaced by jet-engine driven planes. As jets produce more heat, it seemed obvious they should mention this little fact, while discussing why airports got hotter.

Therefore I didn’t keep my big mouth shut, and wrote the following comment. I’m sort of proud of the way I snuck poetry into a scientific discussion:
” Think of a jet engine as a giant hair dryer. Some jets have two giant hair driers on the tail, and some have four giant hair driers on their wings.

Now imagine a rural weather station with nothing around it but a bunch of bored-looking cows. Occasionally they produce hot gas, but not much. Then, around 1970, you suddenly have these huge ladies running around the weather station all day and all night with giant hair driers. Could anyone ignore the obvious change in the situation surrounding the stations thermometer and effecting the environment the thermometer records?

Yes indeed, as amazing as it sounds, some people can. They ignore because they are paid for ignorance. They believe ignorance is bliss, because they get to ruffle lots of dollar bills and throw them in the air like confetti and yowl, “Whoopie!”

However, in the end, ignorance isn’t bliss. Ignorance means you are ignorant. It means you don’t know and haven’t a clue. Often, by the time you wake up and look around, and face what reality has to show you, it is too late. Serious damage has been done, not only to others (who ignorant people don’t always care a hoot about,) but also to the self, (which ignorant people, being selfish, do care deeply about.)

In fact the phrase “ignorance is bliss” comes from the next to last line of Thomas Gray’s, “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eaton College,” written nearly 250 years ago. The ignorance it refers to is that of a young student just entering college, who knows he is ignorant but is eager to learn, and who is full of hope about the wonderful things learning may enable him to achieve. In other words, the reason ignorance is bliss is because the blissful student believes ignorance is about to end.

It is quite a different thing to perpetuate ignorance, (blandly and stupidly if it is only because it is “politically correct,” or willfully and deviously if it is “for the money.”) In essence such willful ignorance is to give up on Truth. One is surrendering hope in a better future, (even if one says “we are saving the earth,”) and curses the prospects our children face, (even if one says “it is for the children.”)

At some point or another even the most evasive of us have to decide whether we are on the side of Truth or the side of ignorance. The consequences are as different as day and night. Therefore I’d advise all to not “ignore,” especially not to ignore huge hair driers around thermometers collecting temperature records.”


Watts Up With That?

More examples of the nighttime heat sink effect of UHI. Asphalt, concrete, bricks and other infrastructure holds the energy from daytime solar insolation and releases it at night as LWIR. Anyone who has ever stood next to a sun illuminated brick wall after sunset can understand this. The authors talk about the temperature record at SeaTac (103 degrees at SeaTac), but look where the temperature is measured. More on that after the press release.- Anthony

From OSU: New study finds “nighttime heat waves” increasing in Pacific Northwest

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A new study has found that heat waves are increasing in the western portions of the Pacific Northwest, but not the kind most people envision, with scorching hot days of temperatures reaching triple digits.

These heat waves occur at night.

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2 thoughts on “Nighttime heat waves on the increase in Pacific NW

    • I vowed to go a whole week without commenting on Global Warming, but couldn’t quite manage it.

      It is like trying not to scratch a bad case of poison ivy.

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