Chantal July 9


There she blows! So I have something new lurking about in the back of my mind to worry about, if I’m in the mood to worry.  However, at this point we have two things protecting the northeast from Chantal.

First, the island of Hispaniola has mountains over 10,000 feet tall,  and can kill hurricanes.

Second, if Chantal does survive that passage, there is likely to be a big high pressure building over New England, which ought deflect the storm into the Southeast.

However if it just stalls and sits over the water east of Georgia, then our protection might fade.  However that wouldn’t be until a week from now.

UPDATE: 8:30 AM  Chantal already looks like it is falling apart.  Likely it will move more like an open tropical wave than as a storm with a closed circulation.  However when it gets north of Cuba on Saturday it may revive.  I’ll save worry for the weekend.


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