satsfc.gif July 6, 2013


I just thought I’d pop another weather map on to this site, to record for future historians the trivia of this time,  and of this Bermuda High’s hot spell.

When you study such details, looking back in History, they sometimes give you a feeling for what the characters were undergoing, as they did things such as defy King George of England.

Speaking only for myself, hot spells make me a bit crazy, trending towards the angry sorts of irrational thoughts.  Therefore when I’m reading of historical figures in the past, and I happen to note the detail of a hot spell, I project my own response to heat onto those historical characters.

You actually are not suppose to do this, unless the historical character actually wrote down their thoughts, and mentioned hot spells made them irrationally angry.  However people who make history have a disappointing habit of failing to write down such things, as they make history.

I don’t know where they get the nerve to change the course of world History without even explaining themselves.  Aren’t you suppose to ask permission before you alter mankind’s progress?  Apparently not.

It’s a bit troubling to believers in democracy to see that things happen without any votes being cast.  The movers and shakers of History usually are a minority, and sometimes a minority of only one lone voice.

I am curious where they get their nerve, and so I study them, but, because they seldom explain themselves, I have to project, have to try to imagine where they came from, and the shoes they stood in.

The weather is a clue.


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