This picture is from an article at an Alarmist site called “Climate Central,” and purports to illustrate what a five foot rise in sea levels, due by the year 2100, would do to LaGuardia Airport in New York City.  (Full article at http://www.climatecentral.org/news/coastal-us-airports-face-increasing-threat-from-sea-level-rise-16126 )

It is somewhat absurd, for the lowest point of the entire airport is six feet above sea level, and much of the airport is over ten feet above sea level.  Furthermore the bottoms of the jets are another three to six feet above sea level.

It also absurd because Hurricane Sandy had a storm surge of up to seventeen feet above sea level.  Even if it was less at LaGuardia, it was more than five feet, and there are no pictures of the entire airport flooded in this manner.

In other words this Photoshop picture is a gross distortion of a theoretical situation which may itself be a gross distortion of science.

The simple fact that Alarmists feel so compelled to exaggerate in this manner does not assure one that they are sticking to the facts.

By the way, a hundred years ago the area LaGuardia airport was built upon was under water, part of the sea.  Despite the fact the sea has risen over the past 100 years, the shoreline has advanced, rather than retreated.  Man does not merely sit back and watch things erode.  In fact a major airport in the Netherlands is located at the spot where the Dutch and Spanish navies fought a big sea battle.

More about this silly picture here: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/06/18/quite-possibly-the-dumbest-example-of-tabloid-climatology-ever-from-climate-centrals-andrew-freedman/


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