rad_ne_640x480.jpg June 14satsfc (3).gif June 14


If you compare the above radar shot and the above weather map with the ones posted a couple days ago you see we are still drenched, but there is a big difference.  In the second weather map there is a nice dry high approaching.  Or I should say, as the maps are from this morning and it is now evening, “a nice dry high has moved in.”

As dawn came the sky barely brightened to deep purple, and the rain just poured, but by seven the rain stopped and by eight the sky was bright and the clouds were high, and then the sun peeked down at nine.

The world never looks quite so fine as it does after a long gloom breaks into a sunny spell. They say rain is good for plants, but you can’t see the lushness until the sun enlivens it.  Then it jumps out at you, and the wildflowers speckling the green seem straight from the painting of an impressionist.

It’s hard to be serious even if you are trying.  Even the smells improve as gloom gives way to gold, shifting from fungal to fragrance, my favorite being the fragrance of partridge-berry flowers so small you have to stoop to see them, but which can form a heady pocket of ambrosia that floors you, as you walk through wet woods.

Someone, somewhere, must have been very good for the rest of us to deserve this.


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