The Ultimate ‘Skeptical Science’ cherry pick

MY COMMENT:  After spending so much time on my last, long essay, I find it sublimely annoying to see Cook at “Skeptical Science” has produced another of his amazingly misleading graphs. For example, despite the fact the latest UAH satellite observations showed worldwide temperatures were less than a tenth of a degree above normal, Cook’s graph shows them a full half degree above normal. This is especially annoying because a person I care for deeply rushes off to Cook’s site for ammo, every time I out-argue them, and I know I will have to deal with this graph in the near future. It doesn’t seem to matter that it has already been dealt with. It is as if by repeating an error enough times they can make it something besides an error. They are misguiding the naive, and are sponsors of foolish political decisions. Fortunately I have the Watts Up With That website to fall back on, for some ammo of my own. And so the war continues.

Watts Up With That?

First some background graphics before we demonstrate the cherry pick.

We’ll start with the IPCC graphic from the AR5 draft.


Then we’ll look at Christy and Spencer’s recent graph.

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