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Ever since I talked about drought in mid May it has been raining.  The top picture is a radar shot of our latest deluge being pushed out by a cold front, shown by the second map, but that second map shows no dry air to our west, but rather another low rolling across the country, suppressed to the south very much like this last one was, which means that after a bit of a break tomorrow we will be in for another east wind, and cold rain, as the warm and summery (and thundery) air stays south.

We’ve had over ten inches of rain during the past three weeks or so, up here in our hills, however because it was so dry to begin with there has been no real flooding.  There have been “flood watches,” which seems to me a bit like the weather service attracting attention to itself, and justifying its existance and tax dollars, and also as something the media loves and feeds off.

After all, it is the start of summer after a long winter.  Who in their right mind wants to watch TV, when they could do so many other things.  No one is going to hurry to their TV for a forecast of just plain rain, but a “flood watch?”  That gets everyone hurrying to their sets or computers.

The children at our childcare seem far more reasonable.  This morning they seemed, in fact, rather ho-hum about the rainy weather.  In fact I gave a member of the staff a nudge and said, “Can you believe it?”  There was none of the fussing and fighting one associates with being cooped up indoors, and “cabin fever,” but instead, without any orders, they broke into cozy groups and played quietly together with various puzzles and toys and dolls.

Another member of our staff said I was being rewarded for getting through Monday, which had more things go wrong than I could shake a stick at.  A rabbit cage fell off the back of the truck, smashed on the road, and the rabbit went bounding off into the woods, and a long search through dripping foliage never found it.  Checks started bouncing left and right, and after all sorts of digging it turned out the bank had made a mistake, and a sizable deposit had been put into some total stranger’s account.  (The stranger was overdrawn, and must have felt a miracle occurred.) And so on and so forth.  I don’t want to talk about it.

In any case, with the stars obviously moving into more harmonious alignments, I decided I’d start a campfire out in the woods.  That’s when I realized how truly wet it has become.  It was hard to find anything that would catch. Even shredded paper birch bark only smoldered, and another old fire-starter’s standby, small dead twigs snapped of standing pines, seemed not merely damp, but to have a sort of faint green moss growing on them.  However I finally got enough things smoldering to create a sort of expanding pocket of dryness, or an enlarging area of smoldering, which made such clouds of smoke in the windless air that the clouds of mosquitoes all flew off hacking and coughing, and then abruptly flames leapt up, and the gloomy day was suddenly brightened.  It’s amazing what a campfire can do. The children headed outside at ten and did not come back in until it began pouring, just before they were picked up around five.

However people are starting to crave dry days and sunshine.

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