Andrea Moving In

satrad_nat_640x480 _1_

(click to enlarge)

(The above map of satellite and radar combined was lifted from Joe D’Aleo’s excellent blog on the WeatherBELL Premium site.  It costs the price of a cup of coffee per day, and is worth every penny.)

I think it was Elliot Abrams at Accuweather who first coined the term “tropical rainstorm” to describe this sort of weather event.  What is left of Andrea is down near Delaware Bay, south of most of the rain you see shown by radar.  Most of the wind is off shore, in the relatively dry east side, while most of the rain is to the north and west.

Unfortunately the storm ran into the rear end of a departing and relatively cold low pressure area, so we aren’t getting any of the tropical warmth you usually associate with a tropical storm.  The temperature has hovered around fifty-six (F) all day.

It’s been cold, wet and surprising dark for a June day, when the sun is at its highest.  We nearly called off our End-of-the-year party for the kids at our Childcare, but I decided we might as well go ahead with it.  It looked like there might be a period where the rain tapered off, between five and seven this evening, before a second wave of rain more closely associated with Andrea moved in.  Also my wife always says, “There is no such thing as bad weather; only bad clothing.”  Lastly, my wife and the staff put a lot of work into a scavenger hunt in the woods, and into preparing various goodies such as melon balls (which don’t keep all that well.)

A lot of parents came without much in the way of rain gear, and the rain only slacked off slightly, and I was chilled even with my rain gear, but the little kids were real troopers and had a blast, showing their parents the various trails and singing them the songs they have learned.  I figured the parents would be cranky, but to my surprise they didn’t look as cold as I felt, and seemed charmed by their own children, and though some looked drenched they also looked radiant.

It occurred to me they are young and hot-blooded.  I feel like a bit of a fossil, getting as chilled as I got, however I suppose I am getting old.  The parents are young enough to be my kids.

Now its a rainy night, and I’m working on finishing up an essay I’ve been struggling with.

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