The latest satellite data, as compiled at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, shows temperatures have dropped to less than a tenth of a degree above the thirty year average.

The second graph shows that, according to the warnings of James Hansen back in 1988, earth’s temperatures should be a full degree above normal.

The closest we ever got to a full degree above normal was during the super El Nino of 1998, when we were nearly seven tenths of a degree above normal.  Since then temperatures have never been that high.  The predicted Global Warming has simply failed to manifest.

In actual fact current world temperatures should be rising slightly, as they usually do six months after a El Nino event.  The fact they are sinking suggests some other effect is kicking in.  Some suggest it may be the “Quiet Sun,” though no one seems able to fully explain how that dynamic works.  In any case, we are now in a weak La Nina, which ought tug temperatures downwards, after a six month lag.

This could dip temperatures down below the thirty year average, as occurred back in the winter of 2011-2012.  Rather than Global Warming we will officially have Global Cooling. At that point the outcry against the Global Warming hoax is liable to pick up in intensity.

This June 23 will mark 26 years since James Hansen stood before Congress and spoke his doom and gloom about Global warming.  (Here’s a link to a NY Times article of that 1988 event: However after 26 years Global Warming hasn’t happened.  It isn’t going to happen.

Former Senator Wirth, who promoted the event, gets some points for a propaganda coup.  He has confessed to scheduling the event on the hottest day of the year, and leaving all the windows open so the air conditioners couldn’t cool the halls of congress, however what that propaganda victory did was to misguide and harm the American people.

Both Wirth and Hansen have at times proposed punishing all who deny the dangers of Global Warming.  I would like to suggest they are the ones who deserve punishment.  However, as they are getting old, they are likely to go to their graves laughing at the rest of us.  Then, having received their rewards on earth, they will get none in heaven.



  1. Great post. You make a huge point: “In actual fact current world temperatures should be rising slightly, as they usually do six months after a El Nino event. The fact they are sinking suggests some other effect is kicking in.”
    Right, something is oddly cold, and this in the face of the widely reported 15+ year stall out in temperatures. Yes, global warming is dead. It’s not going to be going up. It’s going down. But, really, that’s not going to be good.

    • Sorry to take so long to reply, Eric. I’ve had my hands full, attempting to get a garden planted and also to prepare the grounds of our Childcare for an end-of-school-year party my wife always likes to throw for the parents. As usual, the weather didn’t make things any easier, but we went tight away and had a party anyway, in the cold rain.

      I think yesterday’s high was 56 degrees here, which was only a few degrees above the typical low temperature. Just weather, but weather is a very thin slice of climate, no matter what anyone says.

      The UAH graph will eventually go through an up turn, which will allow the Alarmists to talk about how current temperatures are 0.4 or 0.5 above normal, however Hansen’s graph gets more and more out of line with reality, and it becomes more and more obvious he was just plain wrong. I think the time has come to simply point it out, and to suggest it is foolish to base government policy on something that is wrong.

      Thanks for your comment and kind words.

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