rad_ne_640x480.jpg 2

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It is around 90 (F), but the above radar image shows the thunderstorms approaching even as I type.  I’ve got a lot to do before the deluge, but figured I’d stick in this quick post.  It looks like the cool air will move in and stay for a while.  It may be July before the true summer heat returns.

Hopefully the last seeds will be planted in the garden by Wedesnday, (and a couple of repairs on the Honey-Do list will be complete as well,) and I can finish up an essay I’m working on.  I think it will be worth waiting for.  It is taking up a fair amount of my brain, even as I do other things, causing me to walk into walls even more often than usual.  Also it is making me chuckle to myself, which is something I try not to do, because I recognize it can be incredibly annoying to other people.


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