I awoke in the wee hours to the rumble of thunder, and lay in bed watching the dark outside light up with lightning.  Then I heard the trees sigh, as the rain came.  Soon it was drumming on the roof, and splashing down from the eves outside.

It was as if all the trees were sighing in thanks, for it has been a very dry spring.  I’ve had to water my seedlings daily, which is unusual in New England.  I’m more accustomed to the problem being too much rain, and having seeds rot.  In parts of the tilled garden I haven’t planted, the unwatered earth was dry as dust.

I won’t have to water, when the sun comes up.  Of course, there will be new problems.  The weeds will get a boost from the thunder-rain, which actually has plant-food in it.  I’m not sure of the details, but, as I understand it, the lightning, leaping from cloud to cloud, chemically alters the nitrogen in the air, turning it into trace amounts of fertilizer that falls with the rain.  This is why a summer rain gives plants more of a boost than watering with a garden hose does.

So I suppose I could consider weeds and be crabby about the rain, however I prefer to lie in bed and be grateful.  There is much to be grateful for, when thunder is high in the sky and benign.  It is the softer, hushing sort of thunder, totally different from what Oklahoma just went through.

We might get stronger storms when what is left of that Oklahoma monster passes over us, in 48 hours.  However I’m not going to worry about that, either.  For the moment we are  on the edge of a warm front extending east from that “bowling ball” low pressure area, and a ripple has come east along that front and has given us the blessing of rain.

It is best to count your blessings, for life has plenty of hardships.  If you focus only on the hardships, you are missing the point of life itself.

And what is the point?  Ah! Figuring that out is half the fun!

In the end we are only passing through.  Any shelter we devise is but a temporary tent, or perhaps a mobile home like a turtle’s shell.  Though we pass through beautiful landscapes, they cannot compare to where we are going, and therefore it does not pay to get too attached to any particular place or thing, which we will eventually depart from.

This includes hardships.  They too are temporary.  If we focus too much on what makes us sing sweet blues, we are as attached to our hardships as miser is his gold.

Sometimes it is good to just let go, turn off the news and computer and stop listening to politics, and to instead just listen to the rain on the roof.

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