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            It really bothers me when politicians, such as Senator Whitehouse of Connecticut,  use the suffering of others to bang the drum of their own agendas.


“Never let a good crisis go to waste” is a horrible and inhumane attitude to have.  However already I see some using the ruinous tornado in Moore, Oklahoma as a way to further their Global Warming Agenda, with all its attached bangles and bells and taxes.

The real heroes are the people rushing to the scene to save friends and neighbors from the rubble; the teachers, with blood on their brows, leading dazed children from the ruins of a school.  The real idiot is the politician who sees it all as a “photo op.”

Have these politicians no shame?  Can’t they see that to seek gain from the misfortune of others makes one little more than a vulture?

How much better are those who rush in to rescue others.  They are exposing themselves to loss of peace, and likely will suffer some sort of “Post Traumatic Stress,” or “Battlefield Fatigue,” or “Shell Shock,” (different phrases for different generations,) for doing their good deeds. However look at the hope in the child’s face in the above picture.  One moment she was in darkness, crushed under the weight of a collapsed wall, and the next moment she is plucked up into the light, back in the fresh air, in the strong, warm hands of a grown up who obviously loves.

Look at that rescued girl’s face again.  If you want a reward, this side of heaven, that expression is the best and finest reward. Politicians who want other things (primarily money and power,) are hyenas in comparison.

I include those who bring up Global Warming, for it is not a thing that does the slightest bit of good in such a scene of mayhem and chaos.  Instead it is a sort of blame game, almost as bad as accusing someone of causing the tornado by practicing witchcraft. It takes people’s concentration away from the things they ought to be concentrating on, and focuses on a trace gas measured in parts per million, and possible temperature changes of tenths of a degree.

The Global Warming Alarmists concoct a theory so dunderheaded I can refute it with two pictures, which sandwich the picture of the rescued child above.

The first graph shows that we have actually had far fewer tornadoes than normal this year. In fact, the 365 days that ended just before the current outbreak occurred, set a new record for the fewest tornadoes in a 365-day period.  The old record, only 247 tornadoes in a 365 day period beginning in June 1991, was shattered, for in the 365 period beginning early in May a year ago, we had only 197 tornadoes. (Thanks to Joe D’Aleo at the WeatherBELL site for that chart.)

The third picture is the front page from a newspaper from back in March 1925, describing the huge tornado, which crossed three states, and killed and injured thousands.  (The “Tri-state Tornado.”)

The simple fact there were terrible tornadoes in the past, and the fact we have just passed through a time with far fewer tornadoes, makes a liar of any politician who attributes the current tragedy in Oklahoma to “Global Warming.”

In actual fact, these politicians should, if anything, blame the lack of tornadoes on Global Warming, for tornadoes require cold air clashing with warm air.  If the climate truly was warming, there would be fewer tornadoes to the south, and more up in Canada, as the jet stream retreated north. Instead the lack of tornadoes is due to the lack of warm air, as cold air has plunged south to such a degree even the waters of the Gulf of Mexico are chilled below normal. The muggy, high dew-point air necessary for tornadoes has been harder to brew, over those colder waters, and didn’t come north until half-way through May.  (The “Tri-state Tornado” happened two months earlier in the spring, in March, back in 1925.)

To even bring up this sort dubious blame-gaming, when people may still be pinned under the ruins of their homes, is proof a politician is a selfish dolt.  The fact I have to argue such trivia, as people are working in the dead of night, seeking survivors in rubble, makes me something of a dolt as well.

At times the entire debate about Global Warming seems a colossal waste of time. This is especially true because we are entering a time when the weather patterns seem likely mimic the 1950’s.  That time was a time when the baking heat of the Dust Bowl 1930’s was falling back to the chill of the 1970’s, (when people thought an ice age might be returning.)

If you look at the old, yellowing newspapers, (rather than dickering about with computer models,) you see that, as the cold started coming back in the 1950’s, there was a spike in the number of tornadoes in the Midwest, and a spike in the number of hurricanes on the East Coast.

In other words, although the recent lack of tornadoes I demonstrated is rather handy, when debating Alarmists, it is unlikely to last.  In the same way, the recent lack of major hurricanes hitting the USA, (which has lasted such a length of time that it too has set a record,)  is also handy, when debating alarmists like Bill McKibben, however it too is unlikely to last.  Eventually we may very well return to the tornado levels of the 1950’s, and the hurricane levels of the 1950’s.

Because this will be a return to circumstances of the past, it obviously has nothing to do with CO2. Instead it is a simple weather-cycle any layman can understand.  I think any layman can also understand what to do in such a situation.

You do exactly what laymen are doing in Oklahoma, right now in the darkness of neighborhoods without electricity, even as I type.  You run to help your neighbors when they are in trouble.

We very well could be returning to a time that Joe Bastardi, a decade ago, forewarned would be a time of “climatic hardship.”  I hope he is wrong, but my intuition tells me he likely is right. If such a repeat of history does occur, idiot (and unspiritual) politicians will, I fear, attempt to make a photo op of every tornado, and to profit from every East Coast Hurricane.

Have you ever noticed how, when a politician visits a storm ravaged area, he stands in the flood lights?  Neighborhood after neighborhood has no power, but he has the power.

Have you ever also noticed how such politicians, when they visit people devastated by storms, never propose helping the hurt by taxing themselves?  The people they visit are tax-payers, while politicians are paid by tax-payers.  Therefore, if they truly want to help taxpayers, they should lower taxes, and lower their own rate of pay, which, in effect, is a way of taxing themselves.

Funny, how this never actually happens.  Instead they say sophist and cynic slogans such as, “Never let a crisis go to waste,” and always propose taxing somebody besides themselves, “To help the poor,”  “To help the minority,”  “To help the children.”

When a tornado hits, it misses most of us. Those hit are a minority.  So who helps that minority? Without legislation. Without taxes. Without pay.  Who helps the poor? Who helps the children?

The One who helps the poor, the minority, the children after a tornado sure isn’t a politician arriving after a tornado and standing in floodlights, when the poor have no power, and flashling brilliant-white, twenty-thousand-dollar teeth, as the poor have lost dentures and have toothless gums. It sure isn’t a fool who blames coal mines for the tornado, when the poor have no mines.  It isn’t the idiot proposing carbon taxes that will make him richer and make….well….somebody, somewhere….poorer….(but not the politician himself, of course.)

What politicians fail to understand is that even when a layman is thick as a brick, politicians themselves are thicker.  They can’t see that the layman, even when in debt up to his ears, and even after losing both his home and his car to a howling storm, still taxes himself.  He taxes his weary body to the limit.

Look back to the picture of the rescued child one last time.  Please notice the guy who is part of her rescue is making a big political mistake.  You cannot see his face.  You only see the back of his head.

If a politician was involved, you’d sure as shooting see his tax-payer-funded twenty-thousand-dollar ivory teeth, gleaming an election-winning smile.

He’d be so busy grinning at the camera he’d probably drop the little girl.

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