There has been a lot of talk by Alarmists about how Global Warming will affect the poles first and worst.  For a while the talk stated our children wouldn’t even know what snow was.   These statements have led to embarrassment the past few years, as the Northern Hemisphere has suffered some severe winters.

The above graphs were created by Joe D’Aleo, I think.  I’m first aware of them appearing on his Icecap site back on May 1: (Second post down, left hand “What’s New And Cool” column.

The appeared again on May 19 on the “Ice Age Now” site.

What the graphs show is that the snow cover in the northern hemisphere hit an all time high last winter.

Attempting to explain how this is possible, in a warming world, the Alarmists hit upon the idea that less ice up at the poles would allow exposed water to evaporate more moisture, creating more snow.

The first problem with this idea is that it would only explain snow early in the winter.  Later in the winter the ice has re-frozen in the Arctic sea, And therefore there can be no evaporation and extra snow.  However there was extra snow right into April.

Second, Alarmists are big on something called “Albedo.”  The idea is that less polar ice will reflect less sunlight, allowing the poles to be warmer.  However the record-setting snow cover increases the area reflecting sunlight.  Therefore rather than warmer the poles should be colder.

In fact what is reducing the ice at the poles is ocean currents melting the ice from below.  For a while two oceanic cycles, the PDO and AMO, were pumping warmer water north.  The PDO has switched to its cold phase, and right on cue ice has increased on the Pacific side, in the Bering Straits.  When the AMO switches to its cold phase, likely in the next five to ten years, the ice will likely increase on the Atlantic side as well.

In other words, the size of the ice cap at the north pole has much to due with natural cycles, and little to do with CO2 made by man.

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