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April’s data has been added to the UAH graph, and shows a drop in the average temperature of our planet’s air, near the surface.  This is data gathered by satellites  and does not have the problems associated with “Urban Heat Islands,” (IE modern cities and airports being warmer than they were back when people didn’t fly in jets, and rode horses.)

While the graph does show a rise in recent times, it now seems to be settling back, more like a wave than a “hockey stick,” (more like a cycle than a “crisis.”)

In fact, the temperature has dropped back to the level it was at during the spike in 1983.  In other words, in thirty years the temperature hasn’t risen a bit.

The people who have been rushing about claiming Global Warming is a crisis, (such as Al Gore,) increasingly look like Chicken Little running about clucking, “The sky is falling!”  The ones who have made a lot of money off this panic, (such as Al Gore,) look increasingly like they were part of a scam.

They have asked others to sacrifice,  as they got rich.

People have sacrificed.  Turning corn into ethanol for vehicles has raised food prices, and the poor have gone hungry.  Erecting expensive wind turbines while closing (and taxing) cheaper coal-fired power plants has raised the cost of heating, and the elderly on fixed pensions have shivered.

What has this sacrifice been for, Al Gore?

Who has this sacrifice been for, Al Gore?


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