One sad side effect of the snowy March and excellent skiing in the highlands of England, Ireland, and Scotland is the toll it has taken on the sheep.  Right about now is ordinarily the time for lambing, and the hills are filled with the shrill bleats of baby lambs.  Unfortunately winters like the past one results in many stillborn lambs, or lambs that perish shortly after birth.

This certainly makes the Global Warming Alarmist who stated, “Soon children will not know what snow is” look like a bit of a fool.

A post on the weather in Britain’s hills is on Verity Jones’ website, “Digging In Clay.”

And here is a brief article about a sheepdog helping a shepherd find sheep buried by snow in Wales.

A similar situation happened in this area in the terrible winter of 1717.  When sheep are buried like this, and have nothing to eat, they eat each other’s wool.  They can survive amazingly long periods, but special care has to be given to them after they are dug out, or they die of a mixture of shock and exhaustion.

My goats did all right, but for nearly a month they would not venture from a sort of hide out they have, under the barn.  They simply don’t like walking in deep snow, likely because they cannot see what they are walking on.


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