Mayan Calender Predicts 100,000 Dolphins Defeat Egyptian Militant Terrorist UFO’s With Erupting Volcano



(If you have been led to this site by a search engine after April the first, I apologize.)  

I will confess that, when I wrote the title for this little joke, I was wondering what sort of title would get the most hits on search engines.  It is a sort of experiment.

It is also a sign of my more cynical side.  In the past I noticed my best writing was hardly noticed by anyone, but then I blogged a very short item that interested me about 100,000 dolphins appearing off the coast of San Diego, and having “100,000 dolphins” in the title meant that suddenly my obscure site was getting “hits” from all over the world.

In other words, the way to get attention, (if that is what you want,) has very little to do with writing well, or even the Beauty and Truth of life.

I think this is something the news media has discovered. I noticed an article over on the “Free Range Kids” site which pointed out that, although there were only 68 murders a year in Toronto, the TV news had a murder headlined every night.  Why?  A gory slaying kept people from switching the channel. It also gave people the false impression that things were getting worse and crime was increasing in Toronto, when things were getting better and there were fewer murders. (The police didn’t complain about the false impression, because it meant they got more funding.)

When what is false sells, what happens to the truth?

But here is the good news.  The law of supply and demand operates in the world of Truth and Falsehood.

When everyone is chasing the ambulances of falsehood, glued to media falsehood on the screen, and attracted to the money, and fame, and status, that being wrong apparently generates, they have to pay a high price.

Meanwhile the price for Truth and Beauty remains low, for the demand is so low.  The poets and prophets are not pestered and crowded, and walk in peace in the spring sunshine.  They are all over the place, but the media is oblivious as they stroll on by.

In fact one might be coming down my road right now. I don’t know why I’m sitting here indoors.  See ya later!


10 thoughts on “Mayan Calender Predicts 100,000 Dolphins Defeat Egyptian Militant Terrorist UFO’s With Erupting Volcano

  1. Viv was right on the money with Zombies. What could be more natural?

    I see no reason why a creative feller like you couldn’t work in two-headed kittens for thousands of additioal hits. It would get the kitten crowd and the National Enquirer cadre who like two-headed anything.

    You might take a flyer on working bikinis and goats into the title… couldn’t hurt ;o)

    P.S. I was just poking around your postings after enjoying my visit to the Pothole post. I didn’t get here from a search. I like your work and you’re a fine blogversationalist in comments, so I’ll be toddling through now and again.

    • You are right. I should have included two headed kittens. However I’m not sure how long a title can be. After all, search engines have to draw the line somewhere.

      My April Fool’s joke hasn’t attracted a single hit from a search engine, so far. However I think it takes a week or two before they process you.

      Thanks for the comment. I got a good laugh from the two-headed kittens idea.

    • May 14—sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Spring is a busy time on a farm, even a little toy farm like mine.

      The theme is a template offered by WordPress. There are several pictures that you can use as a header when you first start. (I used surf crashing on a coast to start.) Then my wife noticed you can replace that picture with a picture of your own chosing. We used that option to stick the picture of me-showing-the kids-the-young-pigs in as a header.

      There are other options which allow more, but so far I’ve been too busy in other areas of my life to explore those options. I’m very pleased by WordPress so far.

      Glad you enjoyed my blog, and I hope I don’t ever offend you with my humor, although I just might.

      I think your blog ought be like your own house, and reflect your character, and be a place where you yourself can relax and be comfortable. If others don’t like it, they don’t have to visit, and if they get too rude, you can show them the door out.

  2. Howdy! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using
    for this website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had
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  3. Dear me, Zombies are old hat. You would do better with Vampires or Werewolves. Haven’t you been to one of those “el cheapo” bookshops – the ones with” Everything is $5″? Look at all the classic titles such as “Mr Darcy’s Bite”, or “Mr Darcy – Vampire”.

    Of course, your could really try something really outrageous, such as “Global Warmists Proved Right!”

    Thanks for the reference to your blog from WUWT.

    • I actually prefer the term “Alarmist” to “Global Warmist,” as the world has actually warmed, up until around ten years ago. Personally I think warming is a good thing, and would be glad to see Greenland able to grow barley, as the Vikings did a thousand years ago. It is the “alarm” that seems foolish to me.

      The idea the world may be about to get colder troubles me a lot. Cooling would be bad news. However that forecast might be wrong, like all forecasts.

      Interestingly, this post has only attracted 17 visits, including yours. Meanwhile the one I was trying to emulate, about 100,000 dolphins gathering off the coast of San Diego, gathered 74. (Maybe you are right, and I should have included Vampires.)

      However apparently arctic sea ice is the real hook. My two recent posts have attracted 568 visits in only four days.

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