Hopefully a map will appear above that shows nearly the entire USA was below normal yesterday (as was Europe.)  (The warm temperature in Georgia is from a malfunctioning thermometer.)

As usual, when it is cold in one part of the Earth, it is warm in another.  They are having an early spring heat wave in the Middle East.  (Not that those hot tempers need any encouragement.)

I’m the one who needs the encouragement. Fortunately another place temperatures are above normal is to our north, where the “blocking high” resides.  That high is what has brought the cold down over us.  The good fortune is that it has been so powerful that it has actually shunted the past two snowstorms south of us.  Our north winds have been relentless, however even when it is cloudy the March sunshine is also relentless, melting the snow on roads even on cloudy days, and between storms it smiles down in all its glory, wilting the snow even as the north winds blow.

All of a sudden I have gone from wondering if I’ll survive this winter to wondering if this is the last winter I’ll see.  After all, I’ve lived a wild life, and haven’t fussed much about caring for my physical body.  (My “artistic” side gets all the attention.)  As I’ve trudged about with a bad case of the sniffles this past week my mortality has filled me with self-pity, and, as those violins play in the background, ordinary things become old friends.  A vista I have looked at over a thousand times abruptly becomes a view I wonder if I’ll ever see again, and suddenly it is like I am seeing it for the first time.

“Live like you are dying.”

Rather than cursing the snow, I’m watching it as it starts to fade away with a sort of wistful wonder.  It almost seems a shame that winter went to all this work, creating these drifts, only to see it melt away.

“Almost,” I said, “almost.”


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