satsfcOh No More Snow

(click map to enlarge.)

It is bitter cold in the dark before dawn.  Only 7 degrees. (-14 C)  It is due to the fact we still have a deep snow cover.  Not all that far away, in the Merrimac River valley, Nashua is a balmy 19 degrees.  (Their snow is gone, due to being on the rain side of the rain-snow line, a few times when we got all-snow, this past winter.)

It is starry out, but there are already heavy snow warnings.  By this evening it will be clouded over and grey, and by tomorrow morning the snow will be heavy.  The following morning is the first day of spring, but the world the sun will see as it peeps over the edge of our land will not look very spring-like.  The air arriving behind the storm will be bitter cold. 

The storm over the Dakotas will try to come east, however the “blocking pattern” means the cold arctic high over us will be tough to budge.  That low will only get as far as the western Great Lakes, before its energy is squeezed under the high, to a new low which will form along the coast.

What is troubling is that, as this storm departs, it will bring such a slug of cold weather over the nation that the next storm will also be snow.  That would be next weekend.  I hope is slides south of us, and clobbers Washington DC with snow when the calender says, “Spring.”  Those fellows sure don’t deserve cherry blossoms.

Oh well, I’d best hitch up my belt and get to work.  I don’t want to be a person who blames others while doing nothing. I’ve lots to do before the snow shuts things down. 

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