There was a flurry of excitement in Alarmist circles when a new paper came out which seemed to support Mann’s debunked idea, promoted in Al Gore’s film, which asserted recent temperatures are soaring upwards in an “unprecedented rise.”

            I glanced over the papers graphs, and quickly dismissed it as bogus, because it once again flattened out the Medieval Warm Period.  That is one thing I have actually studied a lot, due to my curiosity about Vikings.  Any attempt to “erase the Medieval Warm Period” flies in the face of so much study and so many papers that it makes the attempt absurd.  It is like trying to write a serious paper using the premise George Washington didn’t exist. 

            For anyone who has the time, I recommend the following paper about a single Viking site in Greenland.  It is impossible to read this paper without becoming aware how much warmer it was, in Greenland, a thousand years ago. For example, the paper states, “For the Vannaverfi district of the Eastern Settlement it is estimated 100,000 sheep and goats may have been pastured…” That land cannot support a single goat now, without imported hay.


            With a single sweep of a politically correct eraser, Mann’s hockey stick attempts to negate the hard work of countless historians, archeologists, and geologists who have studied the Medieval Warm period.  I find this attempt offensive and insulting, not only because it attempts to deny Truth, but also because it makes the research of some archeologists, historians and geologists become politically incorrect, and consequently makes it harder for them to receive funding.

            I don’t need to look at the math of the new paper to understand it is bogus, but some people are doing so, and seeing some signs odd things are occurring with the numbers.  If you are a math whiz, and like playing with numbers, I highly recommend the Climate Audit site.  One interesting thing they have discovered is that the graphs in the news-making paper differ significantly from the graphs in the author’s original thesis:


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