With temperatures dipping to 9 degrees (F)  (-13 C),  Britain is facing its coldest March in many years.  The Global Warming some promised most definitely isn’t happening, but the increase in the cost of fuel is occurring.  In many ways the increase in fuel prices is caused by policies put in place to combat Global Warming that isn’t occurring.

A sad side effect of this policy is “energy poverty.”  People simply can’t afford to heat their homes. In the case of the elderly, who are most susceptible to ailments brought on by cold, the result can be death. There may be as many as 6000 “extra deaths” among the elderly in Britain this winter.

            Think of how much money the government is saving, by not having to pay those 6000 pensions.  Is that their plan?

If you add the 6000 elderly to the 24,000 who usually die in the dark days of winter, this winter may see more than 30,000 of Britain’s elders depart. This likely includes some of the last heroes who beat Hitler, when England stood alone.  It includes priceless wisdom, treasuries of information, libraries of knowledge, and likely some poor old fools who have worked hard their whole lives and simply deserve an armchair and a warm stove. 

The American president FDR once grew angry about the way the elderly were neglected.  He claimed it was a crime, and created Social Security in the United States as a way to make sure the elderly were treated better. However I think modern politicians have lost his vision. Some call our elderly “unproductive.”  They loot the funds set aside for them, and are stingey about handing out heating assistance.

It would not surprise me if such people did cruel calculations, when they heard 30,000 elders died.  They will roughly calculate savings of $10,000 per lost senior, and figure 30,000 times 10,000 makes 300 million dollars they don’t have to fork out, and can ruffle in their filthy fingers of greed.

Even the most primative tribes care for their elders.  What does that make us?  The answer is: Little more than beasts.

            See story at

If you want to hear someone, who is good with their facts and figures, point out the beast-like mentality of Global Warming Alarmists, and shatter their in-the-clouds delusion that they are “saving-the-planet,” I recommend the following essay by Willis Eschenbach:

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