satsfc Stalled

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            It is another grey day with north winds.  It has been snowing most of the time for two days, yet we barely have an inch, so we don’t even have the excitement of a storm, unless you include the storm-gossip, which has been going on even longer than the snow. 

            It is hard to stay interested, though the storm is still big, and milling about in the ocean to our southeast. The mind turns to other things, such as how high the dim sun is, when it’s occasionally glimpsed as an indistinct smear, groping its way down through a high, milky veil and low, purple scud.  It is as high as it is in the glory days of October, when the leaves are just starting to change, and some are still green.  Even though it is too veiled to bask warmth, from time to time the snowy world brightens, and becomes a nearly blinding glitter of falling flakes.  Then, even as the swift scud thickens and the gloom again grows, it is nothing like December’s dark.  The streets can feel the sun even through the clouds, and the black tar warms and flakes melt as they hit. The pavement is wet and shiny, as long as the sun is up. So I know that the sun is up there…somewhere.

            The map shows the storm has built into a gale.  It will continue to expand, even as it sits out there, so that even though it has gone out to sea the back edge will come inland, and we’ll get around six inches of snow, and wind gusts to forty miles an hour. 


2 thoughts on “STORM STALLS SOUTH

    • I’m glad you were delighted, but I’m curious. How was my information helpful to you on May 2, when I was posting about a snowstorm back on March 7?

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