Film Title: An Inconvenient Truth.


I am suppose to be getting ready for a big storm, and also facing a horrible load of reciepts on my diningroom table I have to sift through, to do my taxes, but this story got me going.

A fellow named Bora Zivkovic, who is the Blog Editor at “The Scientific American“, decided he should weed out certain opinions from the opinions on his site, and confessed this astounding thing, “I am gradually teaching my spam filter to automatically send to spam any and every comment that contains the words “warmist”, “alarmist”, “Al Gore” or a link to Watts.”

I wonder what Al Gore thinks of that.

And “alarmist” is actually a word in the dictionary: “Alarmist n. A person who needlessly alarms or attempts to alarm others, as by inventing or spreading false or exaggerated rumors of impending danger.”

I immediately went to the site Zivkovic apparently feels ought be ignored, and submitted the following comment:

“Regarding being “snipped,” this site at least admits you exist, and has your name there as a person who has had the honor of being deemed out of line.  Often this site explains why you have been snipped.
Before WUWT existed Accuweather had a wonderfully rowdy “Global Warming” site.  I especially remember two fellows who called themselves “Patrick Henry” and “Brookline Tom” used to go at it, day after day, week after week, month after month.  They both supplied links, and it was a wonderful education. The moderation at the site was so poor that the people posting had to moderate themselves, and, for a time, it actually worked. (One moderating factor was the wait between posting and seeing your words on the site; it could be eight hours, which gave people time to sober up, and even on occasion submit an apology.)
It was sad to see the moderation of that site become restrictive, and to watch the site change into an echo chamber.  All the learning stopped.
The reason we have two eyes is because we need two views.  A Cyclops has no depth perception. 
I have been snipped at Climate Audit, but knew it was because I was not being calm, cool and collected, and was only contributing passion.  I didn’t mind it, because I valued the steady objectivity I could find there.  I wrote briefly about it:  https://sunriseswansong.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/welcome-back-climate-audit/
I confess to being hot headed and making mistakes. I like WUWT because I can depend on other posters to correct me. 
If you have the guts to stand up for your beliefs then there will be times you stand corrected.  That is far better than falling uncorrected.”
Now I have to get back to my blasted taxes.
Link to Willis Eschenbach’s artical at WUWT:


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