(Picture from Wales News Service)

At least their daffodils are sprouting.  And I see no snow in that picture.  If you trace the latitude of England around the top of the globe, you realize they are at the latitude of Hudson Bay, which is frozen solid.  Then, if you head south of Hudson Bay, south past Montreal, you arrive at supposedly sunny and southern New Hampshire, where you would think daffodils would be in full bloom. 

All I see out my window is snow. The ground under that snow is frozen solid.

Around this time of year people start to have a sort of worn and tattered look.  Everyone to some degree is having a “Bad Hair Day.”   Belief in spring seems a bit like believing in Santa Claus.

However there is proof spring isn’t a dream.  Maybe the daffodils in England are weeks behind schedule, but they are sprouting! 

Sprouting daffodils!  What a sight for sore eyes that must be, (if they truly exist, and are not just a figment of an optimistic imagination, teamed up with a trick photographer.)

News item can be found at:




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