Amarillo came within a quarter-inch of breaking their all-time record for snow in 24 hours, by getting a little over 19 inches. How they measured it I cannot guess,  for they had steady winds of 40 mph, and a gust up to 75.  With wind like that you can have bare ground on one side of your house and a drift up to the eves on the other.  Also the wind packs the snow; it is not at all fluffy.  However I suppose they walk to some level place and measure.

Long time residents know enough to expect a blizzard in the southern Great Plains, though they are not as common as they are up in the Dakotas.  However newcomers can be lulled by a couple of mild winters, and then don’t know what hit them.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the snow, 19 inches is what Amarillo gets, on average, during an entire winter. On Monday they got it all on one day.

I wonder how the wind turbines withstood the tempest?


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