It is a bit absurd to worry about the sun when I can’t even see it during a day of gloom and freezing drizzle, but the above enlargement shows what I can’t see: The recent flurry of sunspots is ending. Therefore, should I be in the mood to ignore the wise motto, “Don’t Worry; Be Happy,” I have something new to worry about.

Those who care about sunspots give each spot, (or close-group-of-them,) a number, and track them as they move across the sun, as the sun rotates. Groups 1671 and 1678 have just rotated out of sight, and the remaining groups are dimming and fading out. One spot has simply vanished, and all that remain are 1675 and 1676, one of which is so pale it hardly counts as a “spot,” and one of which is shrinking and about to rotate from view. In fact it is possible we may, in the next few days, have a “Spotless” sun.

Why worry about the sun’s face being free of spots, and clear and clean as a beautiful teenaged girl without acne? You’d think that would be a reason for relief, but I manage to fret.

The fact is that that the sun is at the peak of a sunspot cycle, and is suppose to have a lot of spots. The fact it doesn’t is cause for concern.

The concern is due to something which might be merely a coincidence: The last time that the sun failed to have spots during the peak of the sunspot-cycle was a time called “The Maunder Minimum,” and it just so happened that it was especially cold, during those years.

The Maunder Minimum occurred not long after Galileo got in trouble with the Pope for noticing sunspots. Despite the Pope’s disapproval, other guys with telescopes continued to peek at the sun, and they noticed when the new discovery became scarce. The Maunder Minimum began around 1645 and continued until 1715, and in the middle of that time thirty years passed when they only spotted (pun) fifty. In more recent 30-year periods people who look at the sun counted more than 40,000, during a thirty-year period.

In China they noted sunspots before Galileo, and their records speak of sunspots that, when the sun was an orange disc due to dust storms, could be seen with the naked eye. They noted when they didn’t see spots any more, and how the weather got cold.

The Maunder Minimum also caused problems for the dating-system that uses Carbon 14 to “radiocarbon date” old objects. Someone noticed that you could have a written page dated one date, but the radiocarbon date (from the paper of that page) was different. The same thing was noticed with old pieces of wood: counting the rings gave one date, while Carbon 14 dating gave another. Even without pausing to ponder how differences in the number of spots on the far-away sun could alter levels of radioactivity here on earth, it was obvious adjustments to the system of radiocarbon dating had to be made.

In the process of adjusting for this screw-up, it was noted there were similar screw-ups in the paperwork, going back in time to the earliest paper and tree-rings we have. Two earlier “minimums,” are called the “Wolf Minimum” and the “Spoer Minimum,” and they interested me because, along with the “Maunder Minimum” they form a trio that coincides with a very cold time called “The Little Ice Age.”

I learned a lot about the “Littler Ice Age” because, as a boy and young man, I was crazy about Vikings. I copied them, (a story for another winter evening,) and was very sad that their settlement up in Greenland failed. I wanted to know why that settlement failed, and in the process wound up, (back in the days before the internet,) walking into libraries and astounding bookworms, who didn’t expect to see a pirate like me in there. However I nosed through volumes of stuff, and became conversant about things you don’t expect pirates to know about, such as Carbon-14 dating and the Wolf Minimum, and the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age.

When Al Gore abruptly rewrote everything I had learned, with his movie, “The Inconvenient Truth,” I had questions. He used a graph called “The Hockey Stick” which basically showed there were no Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age, and that only in recent times have temperatures warmed.

At first I was naïve and gullible, thinking Science had discovered something that negated what was known before. (After all, I lived through the discovery of “Continental Drift,” which negated much of the geology I had crammed down my throat in school, and when the adjustments to radiocarbon dating were made it negated the chronological ordering of haughty historians.) However, as I investigated, I discovered they actually hadn’t negated prior work. Instead Global Warming Alarmists were simply ignoring prior work.

They were doing this because they were, in terms of science, a merry band of pirates. Because I myself was a pirate, I knew all about the lame excuses used to break the tried-and-true rules. In fact, compared to me, Global Warming Alarmists were pretty pathetic, when it came to breaking the tried-and-true rules.

However, when I pointed out what pirates they were, I was scolded. It turned out people even more naïve and gullible than I was had decided Al Gore was something called “politically correct.” I was something called a “denier” to point out he was ignoring stuff like the Wolf Minimum ending the Medieval Warm Period, and Viking settlements in Greenland getting wiped out.

I am used to being scolded. After all, I’ve been a pirate attempting to emulate Vikings, in my time. (Just as Vikings didn’t see why monasteries should have all the gold and jewels and nuns, when they could walk in and take them, I didn’t see why the rich should be rich when I wasn’t…but that is a story for another evening.)

A bizarre role-reversal was taking place, and I was being scolded for being prissy and telling the truth! (It’s upsetting to a true pirate, when even the prissy do-gooders like Al Gore start swaggering about with black eye-patches and growling, “Arrgh-be, Matey!”)

However, in a “progressive” way, that is what “Global Warming” amounts to. Because the “ends justify the means,” dishonesty and stealing becomes acceptable, and so-called “Progressives” become, in terms of truth, pirates.

It is very upsetting, to a pirate like me, when others don’t know their place.

Why? Well, if do-gooders don’t build the bridges, how can a pirate burn them?

In order to build a bridge, you have to obey the truth. Otherwise your bridge will be poorly engineered; it will be a “Galloping Gertie,” and will fall down.

Even a pirate has to know a thing or two about engineering, to keep his ship off the reefs, however Al Gore’s piracy lacks such brains. In terms of his own life, a reef he himself seems oblivious of, even as he himself is crushed by it, may be becoming apparent to others, however the “Progressive” piracy, which his “ends-justify-the-means” ruin has been built upon, still remains amazingly unquestioned.

Because of this I am one worried pirate. People are suckered into planning for “Global Warming” when the sun seems to be hinting at another “Little Ice Age.” In England suckers have even gone so far as to plant tropical plants, only to see them killed by the cold. They build solar cells where the sun is seldom shines, erect wind turbines where gales knock them down, and buy carbon-credits that aren’t worth a damn, even as the face of the sun shines without a blemish, without a sunspot at the very time it should be crowded with spots.

The last time the face of the sun was so unblemished, so pristine, so untroubled, the civilization of Greenland ceased to be. (Not only the Vikings, but also the “Dorsets.”)

There were other disasters. A quarter of the people in Finland starved to death. Native American “Mound Builder” nations suffered ruinous upheavals, and the Anazsazi ceased to be (except for Hopi and Zuni remnants.)

The worst thing, in my opinion, is that scientists do not yet understand why a quiet sun should cause such a chill. Svenmark has a half-decent theory concerning cosmic rays, and others venture ideas about ultra-violet rays effecting the ozone in the upper atmosphere, but at this point the truth remains that science has no proof that a quiet sun makes the planet cold.

For political reasons, very little money is spent proving a quiet sun makes the world cold. For political reasons, all the funding goes to the political correctness of Al Gore. For political reasons pseudo scientists ignore science, in order to promote their personal gain.

As a reformed pirate, I simply must tell you Progressives seem to me to be the most stupid pirates that ever existed. Even after a gallon of rum, Blackbeard would never launch his ship just above Niagara Falls, but that is what they are doing. It would be all right if, like Al Gore, they merely wanted to become waddling fatsos who ruin their own marriages and sell their own birthrights for a mass of potage, however the simple fact of the matter is that Alarmists want to take billions of other innocent people with them, as they fall.

Obviously, I am worried and unhappy. I am a mere crewmember on a ship of state captained by a madman. How can I possibly say, “Don’t worry; be happy?”

As a father and grandfather, I am supposed to take charge. I, a single vote, am supposed to alter the results of an election of imbeciles. I, a lone individual, am supposed to take on a faceless government. That government, which once cared for the individual, and once was of the people and for the people, could care less for me, for it is something called “Progressive.”

A Progressive congressman or congresswoman could care less what I think. They already know the answer, and don’t require my input. They know the world is warming, and deem the cries of their constituents about a growing chill nothing but the ravings of the rabble. What uses have they for thermometers, they who have computer models to tell them what the temperature was, is, and ever more shall be?

Even if the world actually were warming they would be wrong to treat constitutes the way they do. For all their talk of “diversity,” they only care for their own, and mostly for their own reelection.

Even though I detest Progressives, I’ve been yearning for Global Warming, and for the face of the sun to erupt with sunspots. A warm earth is a good earth, and I’d be glad to see Greenland green again, and 100,000 sheep and goats again grazing on its slopes and shores, as they once did, for even a stupid government can’t cause starvation when the climate is kind.

However the face of the sun has gone quiet. The smile we want on its face is unseen, and the voice we want is unheard.

Instead we have political smiles that are false and voices that lie to us.

` To me the silent sun seems like a Silent Son. I yearn for a Truth yet unspoken.


3 thoughts on “A RANT: THE SILENT SUN

    • Glad you liked the rant. You are quite right when you state it was emotional. At times I lack the cool I so deeply admire in Steve McIntyre over at Climate Audit. His usual responce to sheer venom is to politely but firmly point out errors. I can manage that in some situations, but after a decade of Alarmist balderdash I sometimes lose it, and respond to venom with venom. I’m not sure it is spiritual, when I fail to turn the other cheek, but it is very honest about my true feelings, and there is hopefully some good in that.


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