In the more prudish days of my youth, it was deemed rude to speak in a forthright manner of wardrobe failures of any sort, so a code was developed. If a man had not zipped up his fly, he was asked the question, “What do airplanes do?” (Fly)

Back at that time women wore an undergarment called a slip, and it was deemed embarrassing to have that slip hang lower than the dress, and show white along the dress’ bottom fringe. The way one woman alerted another that their slip was showing was to simply say, “It is snowing down south.”

In the same manner, the way to tell a Global Warming Alarmist that they have been chumps, dupes and sold a bill of goods by con artists is not to be blunt and rude, but rather to simply say, “It is snowing down south.”

The last week saw many snowfall records set across the USA. These records are discussed in great detail, and commented upon at length, at the What’s Up With That bog, in this post:

However if you don’t have time for all those details, these sentences can be used, “The record furthest south, in Paradise, AZ, of 6.3 inches snowfall, beat the old 2 inch record going all the way back to 1896. Paradise, AZ is just 40 miles from the Mexican border.”

It’s snowing down south. Alarmist are suffering more than a wardrobe failure. They are an emperor without clothes.


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