satsfc Saturday Storm


The above map shows a weak storm down the coast, which always makes me wary. However the GFS computer model is not brewing up a blizzard, to the disappointment of the weather geeks, who are never content unless there is some sort of mayhem on the horizon.

The “Winter Storm Watch” was dropped to a “Winter Weather Advisory,” as we are expected to have only four to six inches. In order for a “Winter Storm Watch” to be upgraded to a “Winter Storm Warning,” more than six inches must be expected.

In New Hampshire four inches of snow isn’t really enough to get anyone excited. Instead everyone gets annoyed, because it has to be dealt with, but you get no pity for it. Maybe if you lived down in Virginia you might get pity four inches, but up north you are expected to be tough, even if your not.

It is supposed to be a heavy, wet snow, with some sleet and freezing rain mixed in to make it heavier, so I think I do deserve pity. I plan to look as pitiful as possible, while snow-blowing the drive and shoveling the walkways. Not that I want help; I want cookies. I figure if I look pathetic enough my wife will bake some cookies.

The problem with looking too pitiful is that some neighbor with a plow may swoop in and cheerfully rip up sections of sod and driveway, being helpful. They will also build a mountain of snow and block the walk at the end of the drive. The reason I use a snow blower is to avoid that.

Therefore I will need to only look pitiful when my wife is watching. When neighbors come driving down the road, I’ll have to stride and look jaunty.

The real problem is when a neighbor and my wife are watching at the same time.


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