Today was about as grey as it gets, with a cruel wind blasting from the north, and about a half-inch of snow which never settled down, but kept whirling around the entire day, until it got dirty and was as grey as everything else.

If I didn’t have goats I wouldn’t have gotten out. The goats didn’t want to go out, and were in a huge hurry to get back in.

I likely missed something, out in the world that is not virtual, however I needed a day to just relax, and toast my toes, and pray some, and muse some, and remember some, and then, when I tired of my own brains, to wander the web and see if there weren’t some other interesting minds out there.

There always are. Of course, some are “interesting” in a way you don’t want to revisit, however I did find a site today I’m likely going to revisit.

It is called “Free Range Kids,” and its homepage is here:

On some grey days I feel alone, as if I am the only person who doesn’t want childhood bubblewrapped and housed in a padded cell.

Then, when amidst such a stretch of grey, you chance upon a site which shares your views, it is an amazing relief. You abruptly understand you are not alone.

It just goes to show you that withdrawing into a virtual world isn’t always bad.


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