satsfc Bastardi Alone

I have all sorts of interesting things I want to post about, concerning neat things children say and do, my childcare business, the goats on my farm, small town life, and life in general. However I’m tired after a physically wearing week, and can only post this one item on a Friday night, because it is something too neat to skip.

At this point all the computer models have apparently gone towards the “solution” of having a lot of the available energy escape out to sea, with a low on the polar front, so that when the low on the arctic front becomes a blizzard it is a “fish storm,” and occurs largely over water. It would still be such a big storm that we are expected to see winds gust to fifty mph, but without much snow. Only an inch is forecast here where I live, in Southern New Hampshire away from the coast.

However the old-fashioned forecaster Joe Bastardi, on the WeatherBELL site, explains what he thinks the computers are seeing, and what he thinks the computers are failing to see, and dares to disagree with computers and say we will get worse.

His understanding is so beautiful to witness, and his honesty so clean, that even if he is wrong he is right.

If he is wrong you will see why, and if the computers are wrong you will see why. I urge any who chance upon my small site, and who enjoy meteorology,  to pay the half-dollar a day required to watch Mr. Bastardi as he puzzles on his WeatherBELL site over a chaos no mortal will ever figure out, called “Our Weather.”


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