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Post Blizzard storm #2 is zipping out to sea, after giving areas to our south some snow. We only had partly cloudy skies, which is fine with me. I’m fairly stiff and sore, not only due to digging out and spreading sand after the blizzard, but also because the kids at the Childcare wanted a new igloo. A teacher even informed me that, at school, a child stated they hoped the groundhog would see its shadow so I could build another igloo.

Thanks, a lot, Groundhog.

The GFS computer model, which most forecasters use for their forecasts, is seeing Post Blizzard Storm #3 skip out to sea like this past one is doing, over the weekend, however Joe Bastardi has his keen eyes on a “second piece of energy,” which would cause snow and even a decent storm.

The GFS solution splits up the total energy, and is focused on the front piece, which would be on the polar front, however other computer models, especially the Japanese model, see the energy bundling and a storm forming on the arctic front, right off the coast. I suppose we ought to call the second piece Post Blizzard Storm #4.

If the second solution is correct, the GFS computer will abruptly “see” it. Then it is sort of fun to watch the forecasters.

They amble to their computer to look at the latest read-out, and I imagine they then abruptly stand bolt rigid, with their eyes bulging slightly. Then they have to whip out their erasers and change all their forecasts.

All we know is that we click on our weather radio, or the TV news, and the weather report is completely different.


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