They ought to pass a law against blizzards on Fridays. By the time you’ve cleaned up the mess it is a Monday. When is a poor fellow to rest?

I haven’t had such a workout in a long time. Snow-blowing deep snow can turn into a wrestling match with a machine, at times. All my muscles are sore, and have the scorched feel I once liked, when I believed it was giving me big muscles and making me attractive to the babes. Now its not the same; I just feel like an old creeker. My arms feel like chicken noodles. (Don’t ask.)

Yet it’s Monday, and I run a Childcare based on having children enjoy the great outdoors. We have three feet of snow and the kids are three feet tall. Hmm.

I’m sure they’d have a great time plunging through the snow in their indestructible snowsuits. However that would last all of forty-five seconds. Then the air will be pierced by shrill cries of “I’m tired” and “Carry me.”

Problem is, I’m so stiff and sore I’m going to have trouble carrying myself.

I had a plan to snow blow the skating pond, with my remaining shreds of energy, so the kids would have a place to run around, but I was too late. The sheer weight of the snow pushed the ice down, water gushed up, and the bottom six inches of snow turned to slush.

O well. I guessed I’d just have to go home and snooze. However the thought of a mob of small children with nothing to do stopped me before I made it far towards the couch. Sometimes it is not altogether good to teach children to love the Great Outdoors, for you can’t keep them indoors all that long. They are too healthy, too vibrant, and too liable to bounce off walls.

As I pondered what to do I ran my snow blower through the deep snow of the playground, making a single lane they could run on. Then I made a side lane, for them to hide down. Then I got carried away, and made an entire maze.

Now, just so people won’t think I’m goofing around and having fun, I have decided to call this a scientific experiment. The children will be my mice in a maze, however the experiment is not to see how swiftly they learn the shortest routes. Rather it is to see how swiftly the walls last.

Right now the maze’s sides are crisp and clean, sheer white walls of snow. However I know kids. At first they will enjoy the paths, and the boys will make noises like revving racecars. However any sort of bounds is strangely like the walls of a prison, and it will not be long at all before they start tunneling.


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