The coastal low looks pretty impressive to me, and its pressure is crashing, (down to 994 mb.) However there is panic among the geeks on the weather blogs because the GFS computer model shows the coastal low and the low over the Great lakes failing to “Phase,” and instead whipping around each other like a bola. This would mean we would “only” get a foot of snow.

We have only had a half-inch, with a period of snow around dawn and another around 10:30. However schools were cancelled and only four children came to our Childcare, and they are all suppose to be picked up at noon.

People are over-reacting. I’m only over-reacting a little. I bought some extra grain for my goats. However I saw a bad car crash on my way to Peterborough, though the roads were not at all bad. Panicking people shouldn’t drive.

Apparently the grocery stores were mobbed last night. My wife is wiser than that. She always shops after the storms, when the stores are nice and quiet.


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