Blizzard Bonbs Out

(Click to enlarge)

11:00 PM Blizzard report:

The Coastal Low is bombing out big time. Pressure down to 978 mb. Just remember it was at 1002 mb this morning. The collapsing pressure is sucking cold air south while shooting moisture north aloft. Temperatures went from 31 to 24 in half an hour in Boston, around an hour ago. Snow is falling over three inches per hour.

Very heavy snow here in Southern New Hampshire. Roaring wind. Too bad this is happening at night, because it’s hard to see much. Just an amazing bright, sideways swirling out towards a street light, with fat flakes like white feathers, and the snow between the porch and the streetlight so thick it looks like a lot of black feathers between us and the bright feathers. An even heavier snow band is on the radar, south of us. Temperature here is 14 degrees. Pressure is 29.68, and falling fast, and we are far from the center of the storm. (Pressure was 30.20 here, at sunrise.)

Decent video of heavy snow down in Connecticut here:


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