I suggested I might rail about the stupidity of insurance agents, a couple of days ago, and now that it is the weekend I have time, and also the inclination.

Of course, this is a bit like being a six year old railing against adults. They are big and have power, and I am not.

They are, in fact, the ultimate schoolmarms, spoiling life for boys everywhere.

My wife has a honeydew list, which she often plops in front of me as I drink my morning coffee. However her list is downright tiny, compared to the womanly expectations of an insurance company.

(How any red-blooded male could work for such a bunch of nags is beyond me.)

I hate it when an agent decides to “inspect” my property. Am I some private at boot camp, who has to tuck in his chin and nod and say, “Yes Sir!” when some guy invades my space to check for dust in odd places?

There is always some idiotic “infraction” that breaks some book of stupid rules. My counter is too far from the floor, or some such thing.

Is this America, the land of the free? Or is it some bizarre place where some snit can walk into your house and tell you that you must lower your kitchen sink a half-inch, or the bank will foreclose on your property?

It is the latter, I fear, for in the fine print of your mortgage is the stipulation that you must have insurance, and that gives the snit the power of a mafia extortionist.

If you don’t think those bozos have power, consider this:

I’ve been trying to see who the heck is hurting our children, by denying them recess at our schools. Doctors say recess is good for children. Psychologists say recess is good for children. Teachers, even schoolmarms, admit recess is good for children. Study after study shows that exercise helps children sit still, exercise helps children focus on the blackboard, exercise has all sorts of benefits, and JFK was right when he spoke the motto, “A sound body and a sound mind.”

So who is the total jerk who is saying schools should not have recess?

It is that jackass insurance adjuster.

(The same jackass who is making it hard for me to renew my insurance.)

I have just begun to fight.


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