It took a while to scoop the cold air out of the valleys, but we did get our warmth. Even as late as 6:00 last night it was 37 in Concord and 34 in Laconia, here in New Hampshire, though warmth had rushed up the Hudson River, and it was nearly 60 in Albany, and warmth had also rushed up the coast of Maine, where it was in the 50’s.

You could see the low clouds zooming north, even as it remained cold and calm, but once that warmth scooped down the wind roared, and the snow vanished right before your eyes as fog streamed in the wind.

At our Childcare I was dealing with the childrens, “Why? Why? Why?” and among all the questions there were questions about why fog makes snow vanish so swiftly. I’ll have to write a quick blog about that later, if I have time.

Unfortunately the warmth visited us while it was dark, and we were sleeping. It was up to sixty here at daybreak, and still 56 as I drove a crew to kindergarten, but as I drove back it abruptly poured, and the temperature was 49 as I pulled into the Childcare, as the cold front roared through.

O well. It was nice while it lasted. Now I have to attend to a bit of wind damage.


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