Weathermap Jan 29Thunder Probability Jan 29

High pressure has built over the southeast, and a warm southwest flow is trying to dislodge the cold air over us. We got a lovely inch of snow yesterday, as a low pressure formed on the warm front. That small storm has north winds to its rear, which have kept the warm front at bay. Once the little storm moves out to sea we will hopefully get into the southwest flow for just a bit. There may even be thunder as the warmth battles the arctic north, which ought return south day after tomorrow.

There could be some fireworks as the tropics battle the arctic in Texas, today.

We are so hardened by the cold that, even though it is still below freezing, it seems balmy. If it gets above freezing today, it will be the first time in over a week.

The little children will of course then decide hats and mittens are a bother, and part of the job of Childcare will be getting them to tell us where they left them, and to put them back on. (When the snow melts in the spring we sometimes find ten or twenty mittens, plus a few hats.)

Now I must go spread sand, as there is just enough freezing drizzle mixed in this pre-dawn to make it slippery. I may have trouble renewing my insurance. (Expect a future blog equating an insurance agent with an extortionist.)

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