I was on the wrestling team in high school. It was real wrestling, not that phony stuff that has been on TV ever since I was a small child.

Even before I came to understand the wear and tear real wrestling subjects the body to, I knew TV wrestling was fake, because my boyhood knew some boyish brawling, and I knew people would get badly hurt if anyone truly brawled in the manner of “Killer Kawalski.” To watch such clap-trap involves closing down a certain part of your brain, for TV wrestling is as real as a fairy tale.

The same can be said, I now firmly believe, when it comes to believing in the reality of “Global Warming.” It has been obvious to those who really pay attention that something stinks in Climate Science for years.

I wrote, last fall:
“…(during) the period 2006-2007 the so-called “consensus” put forward a great propaganda effort, including the movie “An Inconvenient Truth,” and won Oscars, Peace Prizes, and a sound thrashing from Skeptics.

Congress debunked Mann’s “hockey stick” in 2006, an English Judge rebuked Al Gore for falsehoods in his movie in 2007, and also in 2007 Hansen had to back off his “adjustments” due to the work of McIntyre at Climate Audit. When Rush Limbaugh mentioned McIntyre’s victory, Climate Audit was overwhelmed by traffic, which was one reason the existence of WUWT came to be known by me, and many others.

In essence the “consensus” experienced a debacle in 2007, for its attempts at propaganda drew so much attention that all its flaws stood naked in a glaring spotlight, and ordinary people began to understand the emperor had no clothes…”

It is now 2013. People have had over half a decade to face the facts. However, to my amazement, some don’t.

To me it is a little like watching an old lady head off to a TV wrestling match, and become shockingly violent and crazed, as she screams for her hero Killer Kawalski. The only problem is, the little old lady is not screaming at a fairy tale wrestler on a fairy tale mat. The little old lady is screaming at me, because I don’t believe in the clap-trap called “Global Warming.”

Not that we might not be at the end of a warming period, as we have recovered from the “Little Ice Age.” And not that mankind might not be warming the planet to a small degree, especially at airports and in downtown areas of cities. However the premise of “Global Warming” is not that, but rather that we are at a “tipping point,” and can cause our planet to self-destruct.

Sorry. I have looked long and hard at the data, and all the evidence I see proves not that we are at any sort of “tipping point,” but rather that people are fudging, forging, faking and falsifying data, because “the Ends justify the Means.”

In other words, “It is OK to lie.”

One way to justify lying is to dredge up something called “the precautionary principle.” Drastic deeds are OK, because they “might” be justified.

Well, if that is true, then you had better give me money, because I “might” be a great writer.

No. Don’t give me money, even though I actually am a great writer. I want no part of this fudging, forging, faking, and falsifying, for I believe John Keats was correct, and Truth is Beauty. I’d even take it a step farther, and say Truth is Love, and Truth is God.

Under no circumstances is it OK to lie, especially when you are among people who are not a dictatorship’s secret police, but rather are trusting voters and taxpayers who are counting on you for the Truth.

What we have been witnessing, in this Global Warming fiasco, is a pitiable state of affairs. It is as seedy as a smelly arena, where little old ladies foam at the mouth screeching their support for Killer Kawalski, only it has been funded by billions rather than tens-of-thousands of dollars, and rather than deranging a small part of a seedy side of town, it is deranging large parts of Europe, and is threatening to derange the United States as well.

The people involved in this debacle are not a bit ashamed. They are no different from the promoter of the TV wrestling match on the seedy side of town. All that matters to such promoters is that the arena is more or less full, and they can sit back afterwards and count the cash. Truth, Beauty and God don’t matter as much as the “bottom line.”

Such people like to say they are more practical than I am. They ruffle money in my face and laugh at my less-wealthy honesty. They state they are more aware of reality, and I am but a poor dreamer.

However over the years I have watched such people, and they always wind up torn in two. As soon as they say a lie is worth it, they are leaving the solid ground of Truth. They have one foot on the dock, and one foot in a rowboat. Truth stays put (the dock) but the rowboat (falsehood) moves further and further from the dock, until they find the truth of their statement, which is: “They are all wet.”

I hope the current computer models are wrong, (as they often are,) because if the models are correct a “Double Rex” pattern will spill arctic air (that most winters stays up over the north pole) over both Europe and the United States. A worst-case scenario would have frosts in Florida and ice drifting down the Mississippi in New Orleans. (Such cold outbreaks, though very rare, have happened before, however if history repeated it would tend to discourage belief in “Global Warming.”)

In the world of TV wrestling, this is analogous to the wizened mother of Killer Kowalski leaping over the ropes into the ring, and beating her beefy son senseless with her handbag. (Because he forgot her birthday?) All the ardent Killer Kawalski fans, who felt he was a super-hero, would hang their jaws in disbelief.

Of course the promoter of the match would do his best to fudge some excuse for the fact Killer Kawalski got brained senseless by a handbag. And the fans of TV wrestling are such suckers they’d likely gobble the fudge.

In the same manner, believers in Global Warming are gobbling all sorts of brown stuff they think is chocolate, but I think comes from the backside of a bull. Despite the fact evidence shows certain individuals are knaves, they welcome the knaves as heroes. The rowboat is moving one way, and shore another, but they refuse to wake up to the split they are amidst.

A lovely example of this involves the knave Peter Gleick, and is described in the following blog postings, (which are where I stole the idea of TV wrestlers from:)

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